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Hi! Leslie Householder here.

Did you know? Our thoughts alone have a real impact on our goals.

But as I’ve helped tens of thousands of students since 2000 understand how this works and how to “think right” for best results, one of the most common problems occurs when they launch full-force into their goal-setting efforts with only a partial understanding of the principles that govern their success.

Inevitably, those efforts lead to frustration and failure.

Too often, people will experience this disappointment and give up before really understanding why their attempts to “think right” for better results didn’t work out the way they hoped.

That’s why I created the MINDSET FUNDAMENTALS™ eCourse – to get you into the right headspace BEFORE taking the leap.

The fact is, two people can do the exact same things but the one who is consciously aware of the principles will get better results. Your THOUGHTS indeed have an effect on your success, so let’s get your thoughts in gear!

It really works, and I’m prepared to convince you. So let’s get started.

Join me in the Mindset FUNDAMENTALS™ Ecourse

An instantly accessible online training for those who have goals, who want to understand how to use the principles of “rare faith” to achieve them, and who wonder:

  • Where will the resources I need come from?
  • How long will I have to wait?
  • What if my life is a mess?
  • How can I take the risk out of taking risks?
  • What if I’m the only one who believes in my goal?
  • What if I don’t believe in myself?

Get answers TODAY in my easy-to-read pages of powerful information, and you’ll also receive 20 additional lessons to help you succeed. Discover what can happen when you simply start thinking a little differently…

What my students are saying:

Simple, yet life altering

“I have been in personal development for over 4 years and I run a successful multiple six figure training company. However, I was feeling overwhelmed with life and felt like something was off. I was doing all the motions but I felt like I wasn’t connecting to God or my bigger purpose.

“I felt like I needed to recalibrate and focus, so I enrolled in Mindset Fundamentals with Leslie.

“The changes … are small and simple, yet life altering. I feel more directed, more connected, and more sure. That, to me, is worth thousands of dollars, as it is the core of true success.

“My relationship with my wife has gotten even sweeter, and I feel like I am back on track. Thank you Leslie … I will go through your course again and again as I know there are deeper levels for me to apply.” – Tyler Watson, CEO Freedom Catalyst

Significant changes

“Have you ever felt called to do something … something that is so outside of your comfort zone that it scares you? And you hesitate, because you’re not certain what step to take first?

“I was in that place before I registered for the Mindset Fundamentals course. This course is the best first step to take, no matter what you are contemplating doing in life.

“As I read the books and lesson materials included in this course and began applying these principles to my thoughts, I noticed significant changes in how I was able to handle the challenges of life, and in the results that started to show up.

“It started with little things—things that, if I hadn’t known the laws that are taught in Mindset Fundamentals, I would not have noticed. But because I knew what to expect, I was able to (gratefully) see the consequences of my new thinking.

“Those blessings continue to multiply and gain momentum in my life. I feel more confident now in the future because I know what to expect from the laws!

“I recommend this course to anyone, but especially to those who seem to be doing all that they can, and yet haven’t received the results they desire. This course is for you! Once you see the small tweaks you can make in your thinking to increase your results dramatically, you’ll become addicted (in a good way!) to obeying the laws.

“It all starts with setting a sturdy foundation through the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse.” – Adele Marcum.

Sign up today and you’ll receive:

The Jackrabbit Factor: Why You Can (86 pages)

A complete PDF copy of my award-winning national best seller

* Discover how to profit from your losses
* Enjoy peace of mind (no matter how bad things are now)
* Experience a profound shift in perspective today

Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters (115 pages)

A complete PDF copy of my bestseller on the 7 Laws

* Know how to think when faced with a disaster (and why)
* Find out how long it takes for goals to materialize
* Discover the power of the vacuum law of prosperity

The Mindset Fundamentals Lesson Series: 20 powerful lessons accessible immediately through my online portal

A lesson series designed to keep your head in the game long enough to begin seeing real results in your own life.

After you read the course material provided to you immediately after purchase, these lessons go deeper into the principles and provide additional insight not contained in the books, and include additional reading and video training.

1 – Identifying the true source of success
2 – How to “goal” for it
3 – Why and how to scrutinize each word
4 – Activating the “teacher appears” principle
5 – Pay attention, and DO… what?
6 – How to get out of debt
7 – How to think about your goal right now
8 – What the “lights” will never be…
9 – Activating the process of creation
10 – Using the “laws”
11 – Perpetual transmutation
12 – Using the law of relativity
13 – Using the law of vibration
14 – Using the law of polarity
15 – Using the law of rhythm
16 – The law of cause/effect
17 – Appropriate patience
18 – Using the vacuum law
19 – Adding to Jackrabbit Factor
20 – Exercising choice

Working with the 7 Laws audio series ($129 value)

When the law of attraction doesn’t quite work like you expect it to, it’s time to get the rest of the story through this casual presentation, captured informally during an 8-week mastermind group with some of my close friends. Sit in on this intimate discussion about the seven laws, addressing aspects that are not covered in my books. These audios will leave you energized, encouraged, empowered, enlightened, and ready to conquer all of life’s biggest challenges! Get answers to these questions, and many more…

  • What does it mean when I finally set a goal properly, and all heck breaks loose?
  • How am I supposed to think when things appear to get worse instead of better?
  • How can I turn disaster into opportunity?
  • Discover what’s really happening when things appear bleak
  • Find out exactly how to tune in to a different broadcast of amazing, new ideas
  • See how all 7 laws work together (The law of attraction cannot stand alone)

…plus if you sign up now, you’ll also receive:

Free Bonus #1: The Link between Thoughts and Wealth (24 pages)

James Allen’s classic book in PDF format: As a Man Thinketh

* Be inspired with this quick but profound read
* Find out precisely how you ended up where you are right now
* Learn how to think today so your tomorrows are the best they can be

Free Bonus #2: The Science of Getting Rich manual (66 pages)

Wallace Wattle’s profoundly powerful book in PDF format

* Find out how to work with Universal Law to accomplish your goals
* See why God is on your side in your search for abundance
* Discover why there is no competition for what you want

Free Bonus #3: Lifelong Support (value: $79.00)

A subscription to my Rare Faith Weekly eNewsletter – with access to more than 300 related articles.

* Keep your head in the game with fresh, inspiring articles
* Receive special discounts and freebies for subscribers only
* Tips and tools for successfully overcoming life’s challenges

What the Experts Have to Say:

Realize ANY Dream, Achieve ANY Goal:

“The principles so uniquely taught [here] take everything I have done a step further. This …must be experienced and not described.” – Hyrum W. Smith, Co-founder Franklin Covey, CEO Galileo

Gain Uncommon Confidence:

“I am genuinely impressed… unique and creative… Success seekers of all degrees of knowledge and experience will benefit from this… ” – Bob Proctor

You’ll have instant access

You’ll have instant access to more than 250 pages of life-changing information when you request your gift, and you have nothing to lose.

Offer expires August 15, 2020

“I loved the Mindset Fundamentals Ecourse. I have read all of Leslie’s books previously and enjoyed improvement in many areas of my life. As I went through [it] I realized that reading the books was just scratching the surface … I enjoyed the simple, easily digestible lessons paired with readings and videos. I highly recommend Mindset Fundamentals…” ~ Justin Jepsen